As a Development Dependency

As of PleasantModeller.Generator v4.5.0, the NuGet package is marked as a development dependency. This means that NuGet will not consider it a dependency of the project when making a NuGet package. This breaks the inheritance chain where PleasantModeller.Generator.targets winds up installed in every project.

Included with this change is the way that the generator build targets are included into the project. The PleasantModeller.Generator.targets file will no longer be made a direct part of the project anymore AT ALL.

What does this mean for you?

When you upgrade to Pleasant.DB v8.14.0 or higher, PleasantModeller.Generator will automatically be uninstalled from you projects. It will need to be reinstalled into every project that contains at least one *.pmodel file. You will also need to manually remove the PleasantModeller.Generator.targets file.

If you fail to do these steps then build errors will appear.

PleasantModeller Cleanup Needed

We detected that you have a PleasantModeller.Generator.targets in a project that no longer needs it. Remove the file by selecting delete in the solution explorer. This will delete the file and remove the project reference.

PleasantModeller Missing

We detected a *.pmodel file in the project but PleasantModeller.Generator is not installed. Please install the package using NuGet (only into the required project). Model generation will occur automatically on build, as before.


You can update to the newer version of modeller without updating to the newer version of Pleasant.DB. However, you will not be able to uninstall PleasantModeller.Generator from non-model projects and it will continue to appear as a dependency (at the version required by Pleasant.DB). You will also not get the reminder to remove the PleasantModeller.Generator.targets file from your project.

Disabling Generator

Is is possible to disable generator by including the following PropertyGroup setting in your build script (or *.csproj file)


Disabling the Generator Prerequsite Checks

It is possible to disable the generator prerequisite checks by including the following PropertyGroup setting in your build script (or *.csproj file)


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