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  1. 1. Checks:

If you see this message, it could be a problem with your certificate or security policies.


If you always get a trust warning when opening KeePass and when retrieving password from KeePass, but not when using the web client, you may have a problem with the certificate on your workstation.

Password Server saves the certificate in the certificate store at Computer\Personal\Certificates\ while the Client saves it in Trusted People. If your CA certificate is properly installed on the workstation, you should not see this message because the system should trust the certificate after it is in the store.


1) Check that the certificates are saved in the certificate store in the proper locations. To test if there is a certificate problem, try to either:

   A) connect to our private free-to-use Demo Server

   B) connect using a mobile device with that certificate to see if the mobile app / browser can connect successfully

2) Check that the certificate has not expired

3) Check that the certificate is not using an old SHA1 signature hash, but is properly switched to SHA256 / SHA512

4) Check that Pleasant server has not been unduly interrupted -- stop & restart the service

5) Check if this is still a problem, then please forward your web & server logs for us to review

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