Items Included in Database Backups

All items that are important to Password Server running are included in the Database backups.

Note: Always save your Backup Encryption key & Database Connection string.

This includes, for example:

  • Folders/Entries, User Access Security, Administrative Settings & Configuration, Audit Logs, Policies & Challenges, Schedules, License & Backup Encryption key, Enforced Client Config files, even Custom Logos, etc.

What is NOT Stored in the Database

You may considbackup of these for these reasons:

  • Save any undocumented, technical modifications you have made to Password Server files (see below),
  • Wish to save error log output files, or,
  • Just to be thorough and manually backup all data locations

The following items usually are not stored in the database and can be backed up manually:

  • Database Connection string,
  • Machine encryption key,
  • License Key,
  • Service User Account - if a custom username/password is used to run the service,
  • Config files - specialized technical changes (examples),
  • Recorded SSO Session files,
  • Some log output file types, for example:
    • Output Error log files for Server, Web, & KeePass

Application Locations

Note: if you are manually backing up database files, be sure stop the Password Service / Site.

  1. Backup File folder locations:
    • %ProgramData%\Pleasant Solutions
    • %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Pleasant Solutions

  2. Save Registry entries:
    • Open the Windows registry and expand the branch:
        • Locate the Pleasant Solutions folder, right click on it, and click Export
        • Import these registry settings into your new server, or store for safe-keeping

  3. (Optionally) Backup the server's local KeePass files:
    • Any KeePass folders on your server:
      • %AppData%\PleasantKeePass
      • %AppData%\KeePass

  4. (Optionally) Somewhat related folders:
    • Installation logs:
      • %AppData%\..\Local\Temp

    • IIS Express program (default):
      • C:\Program Files (x86)\IIS Express

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