2) Exporting passwords from KeePass for Pleasant Password Server

It is possible to export a user's set of passwords from the KeePass Client in order to use a local copy of KeePass offline, if (for instance) someone is out of the office and wants to be able to access their passwords while away. In order to do this, follow these steps:

  1. Install the standard version of KeePass on the user's computer (our customised KeePass Client for Pleasant Password Server cannot be used in a localised environment).
  2. Export a copy of a given user's passwords,
  3. Import that data into the regular version of KeePass and, when prompted, use the password:

NOTE: This feature works only works with of Pleasant Password Server dated March 16, 2012 or later.

How do I change the KDBX file password?

To store your exported passwords in a KDBX file with a password different than "export_passsword", follow these steps:

  1. Open KeePass for Pleasant Password Server.
  2. Export your entries to a KDBX file.
  3. Exit KeePass for Pleasant Password Server. Make sure it's completely closed!
  4. Open up the regular version of KeePass. You can download KeePass from www.keepass.info
  5. Create a new database.
  6. Set a new password.
  7. Import your passwords from the KDBX file you exported earlier.
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