3) Importing Passwords

Pleasant Password Server uses KeePass for Pleasant Password Server (desktop PC client) to import your passwords from another format. For an existing KeePass database/export file: see these steps to import.

Pre-Import - Validation Checks

  • Check for Attachments larger than the default 25 MB maximum (use the Attachments Report)
  • Check that entries do not have: no name, or, slashes (i.e. "/" or "\")

Import into a folder

You can use import passwords to your choice of destination folder:

  1. Open KeePass for Pleasant Password Server (desktop PC client)
  2. Select the location folder, to which you want your passwords imported:
    • Root Folder:
      • Click File > Import
    • Any folder:
      • Right-click your destination folder
      • Click "Import Into Group..."
      • If you do not have a permitted Access Level, this operation will give an error

Supported Formats

KeePass for Pleasant Password Server supports all of the same formats that standard KeePass supports.

For more information about importing and exporting, see the Offical Documentation for KeePass.


Custom Fields: If your password file has custom fields which are not included in these formats, you can convert your password file to a CSV file and follow the steps below.

Importing Custom Fields

Follow these steps to import from a CSV file that has a unique fields or field order:

  • Select the location for your import (from the options above: i.e. Root, or another folder)
  • Select Generic CSV Importer -> Select a CSV file to import -> Click Ok
  • Select Structure tab
  • Use the controls to specify the order of fields. For each custom field you wish to specify use the Type: String and also specify the Name:
  • In the Preview tab, make sure that all Column Headers display correctly including the names of your custom fields, and that all of the data displays correctly.

KeePass 1.x Database Files

KeePass 1.x .kdb files cannot be directly imported into KeePass for Pleasant Password Server as the required KeePassC64.dll file can cause compatibility issues with Password Server features.
The database can be exported as a Supported Format, or to retain database format: 

  1. Install KeePass 2.x with the Native Support Library option selected.
  2. Import the KeePass 1.x .kdb file into KeePass 2.x
  3. Export from KeePass 2.x as .kdbx and import into KeePass for Pleasant Password Server.


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