SSL Policy Errors

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You may receive a warning telling you that security issues were encountered (remote certificate name mismatch). This could be for a few reasons:

  • you are using the default self-signed certificate
  • you are using a certificate that doesn't match your FQDN
  • your certificate or server address has changed
  • your certificate may have been intercepted and you are the victim of a man-in-the-middle attack

Check that your certificate thumbprint matches your server and choose accordingly whether to continue or not. If you are being attacked and you continue, all your secret data will be visible. For security reasons, we recommend using PPS with an FQDN and third-party signed certificate.

This error is most common if you are using the self-signed certificate. By default, on an intranet environment, you should generally be safe even if using the default certificate. If you are certain that you are securely connected to your server (thumbprint displayed by the client matches the server thumbprint), you can continue. If you do not wish to see this message again until the thumbprint changes, click "Do not show this message again for this certificate". However, if you are not sure about having established a secure connection, do not continue or you may you expose your secret data; check with your administrator for assistance.

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