Moving Folders and Entries

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Moving Folders and Entries can mean an item will inherit different access at the destination than they had at the destination.

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In general a user can move or copy folders or credentials as long as:

  • The user is assigned the necessary 'Move' actions on both the source and destination folders
  • If the inherited access changes because of the move, the user has the necessary access to:
    • 'Grant' access (including 'Permit Granting'), or
    • 'Delete' access, or
    • 'Block' access

Tips & Suggestions:

  • (Enterprise+) Archive the folder/entry and have the administrator move it to the desired location
  • Double-check the User Access on the source and destination folders is compatible
  • Have an administrative user make the move, since they will more likely have the required access to fully administrate both folders
  • Temporarily make the User Access the same on the source and destination folders
  • Move/copy the item to a temporary location that has the same User Access. Then, modify the User Access to match the destination.


If you still have problems, please send Supportyour question with screen snapshots of:

  • User Access (source and destination folders)
  • Access Levels
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