Setting up Private Folders

There is a feature to give users a private password vault that, by default, only that user can access, one which IT administrators can't look into.  By default, users are given Full+Grant on their own private folder, so they can grant access to others if they want to.

After creating a new user, you can give them their own folder by clicking on User & Roles -> Private Folders, finding their name in the list, and clicking Create.

Making private folders hidden from administrators

By default, Personal folders are not hidden from administrators (this is considered an advanced feature).  To hide these folders from administrators, you should block access inheritance on the Private Folders.  This only has to be done once, not every time you create a new user.  If you want it to be reversible (that is, if you think you might need to restore administrator access one day, but don't want them to have access on a regular basis), follow these steps:

  1. In the web client, go to the Access Levels tab.
  2. Click Add New Access Level to create a custom access level with a name like Restore Inheritance. Select only the Set Block Inheritance box and click Save.
  3. In the web client, select Private Folders -> Folder Actions -> Security -> Add Access for User and give someone trustworthy (such as yourself) the Restore Inheritance access level.  If Private Folders doesn't exist, you may need to create a folder for someone first.  Look under Users & Roles -> Private Folders.
  4. Back in the Security dialog, click Block Access Inheritance, read the warning, and proceed (if you so choose).  You should now see an icon next to the folder indicating that inheritance is blocked and you shouldn't be able to view inside the folder.
  5. Subsequently, any time you create a new user, you can now go to Users & Roles -> Private Folders to set the user a private folder.
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