Disaster Recovery

Pleasant Password Server supports High Availability by default, and has easy-to-use Disaster Recovery (DR) features.

The Backup/Restore functionality provides data replication (migration) of your full database & all configuration settings to an encrypted file on a backup site, either manually on a re-occuring basis.

Restore Process

The Restore process is very simple:

  1. Enter the Backup encryption key
  2. Select Backup file
  3. Click Restore


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Additional Options

Starting from the Best Practice configuration steps, these optional components / features could also be of help in further Disaster Recovery scenario planning.

Software related options


Hardware related options

  • Virtual Machine snapshots
  • Multi-Server - Distributed front-end
  • Database cluster
    • For example: Windows Server cluster database (WSFC)
      • with Always On availability groups
      • log shipping (or alternative method)
    • Database Replication
    • Database Backups
  • Active Directory - using multiple Domain Controllers
  • Load Balancers - setting up failover
  • Storage Area Network - SAN based replication (i.e. hot-backups, hot-swapping, etc.)
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