Pleasant Password Server has a variety of logs which provide detailed information for Auditing Events, for analyzing error details, for redirecting logs, or for Tracking Changes through a process.

Getting More Detailed Logging Info

Log Types

Types of logs available:

Audit Logs

The audit log keeps a record of how your Pleasant Password Server is accessed. These logs can be found under the "Logging" tab. Any user can be granted permission to view these logs.

You can also have this log output to a text file, like the server log, by following these instructions.

This log is stored inside of your database.

Server Logs

The Server log keeps a record of server events. This is where Pleasant Password Server writes error logs. If you have to contact us for support, we will likely ask to see the contents of this log. By default, the log is found at:

Version 7

  • C:\ProgramData\Pleasant Solutions\Password Server\WebLogs.txt
  • C:\ProgramData\Pleasant Solutions\Password Server\PleasantPasswordServerLog.txt

Version 6

  • C:\ProgramData\Pleasant Solutions\Password Server\PleasantPasswordServerLog.txt


The path can be changed by following these instructions.

KeePass Client Logs

The KeePass Client log file can be found at:


Installation Logs

Records Password Server's installation. Can be found in:

  • C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Temp

Look for filenames beginning with:

  • Pleasant_Password_Server
  • KeePass_for_Pleasant_Password_Server
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