SSO Access Level

By default, Access Levels allow SSO functions, allowing an end user to use a credential via SSO without even having access to the information stored within it.

Hide SSO Server

To restrict SSO Access / visibility, adjust:

  • The Access Level action "Use Via SSO"
  • The Role permissions for SSO Server

Also see below for further details.

Required Permissions for SSO

Ensure that you and your users have the needed actions on the Access Level permissions:

  • Access Level Actions:
    • View Entry Names - To see the credential access they have
    • Use Via SSO - To use SSO, to see the SSO Server tab, and to make adjustments:SSO-Server-Menu-Tab.png
  • Role permissions:
    • SSO Server Status
    • SSO Session Recording
    • SSO Settings

Create an SSO Access Level

You can also restrict SSO access removing it from your default Access Levels and instead setup a new Access Level, only for SSO.

This illustrates the minimum access required to use SSO:

Note: In this configuration, the user will not have access to any information about the credential. This Access Level can be used along with other Access Levels to see credential details, or if desired, you can add additional permissions to this one.

  • Navigate to Access Levels -> Select Add New Access Level -> Enter the following: SSO Only
  • Click Save
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