Version v7.9.23 (Latest)

With KeePass Client v7.9.23

Release Date

July 9th, 2019

These Release Notes detail the differences between this release and the previous version.

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  • Added an option to auto-import users as Reset Users to the User Directory Configuration.
  • Another User Directory attribute ('member') can now be configured, which provides integration support for 389 Directory Servers. This is found in the advanced section for the Open LDAP and Generic LDAP directory connections.
  • Added an option to redirect users to a particular URL on sign out or password reset.  The URLs can be configured in User and Roles > Policies > Global Settings > Edit
  • Notifications can provide more details such as the path of the Entry and the user display name.

 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where YubiKey Two-Factor Authentication was failing.
  • Resolved issues regarding international date formats in date picker inputs.
  • Fixed an issue where custom Logos were not appearing in IE.  This will require re-uploading the logo to take effect.
  • Users should now be properly prompted for whether or not they want to permanently delete entries when deleting from Tags or Favourites folders.
  • Fixed an issue where disabled and deleted users could not be selected for reporting on.
  • Fixed an issue where users on the KeePass for Password Server client could unintentionally update an Entry when closing the dialog.
  • Re-enabled the KeePass Templating UI in the KeePass for Password Server client
  • Fixed an issue where users without edit access to the Root folder could not add Custom Icons for use in the KeePass for Password Server client.
  • Fixed an issue with setting sub-roles
  • Fixed an issue with setting up Password Auto changer entries
  • Ctrl + Drag and Drop will now properly copy Entries in KeePass for Password Server.

Known Issues

  • Ent+SSO customer(s) may have a problem with the SAML SSO links not showing on login page. A fix will be included in a release coming soon, or contact us.

Compatibility Notes

  • none
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