Activating Software

After installing Password Server for the first time you will need to activate your software with our licensing server.

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Activated Status
Viewing License Tab
Check License Status
Upgrade My License
Entering the License
Activation Problems?
Offline Activation
Convert Old License Key

Activated Status

If your Password Server is not currently activated, administrators with the Administer License Status permission will see a red 'License' tab.


Viewing License Tab

If the License tab is not visible, visit Users & Roles > Manage Roles and make sure that you have been given the correct Roles which include the Administer License Status permission.

Check License Status

Click Check License Status to:

  • See service expiry,
  • Add users,
  • Upgrade your edition, or
  • Renew maintenance for your license


Upgrade My License

If Password Server detects an old license key in your install and you have not yet activated with our server, you may see the following:


Click 'Update My License' to have Password Server automatically retrieve a new key from the server and activate it.

Restart Password Server after activation to make sure all features are properly enabled.

Note: you will not be able to migrate your old key if:

  • your maintenance subscription has expired
  • you purchased your existing license on or before March 31st, 2014

Entering the License

On the License Status page, enter the product key that was emailed when you purchased your license and click 'Activate'.  Password Server will verify the key with our servers and your licensed features will be enabled.


Activation Problems?
  • No Internet Access: 
    • If your Password Server cannot connect to the internet, see Offline Activation below for instructions.
  • Internet Settings:
    • Scripting was turned off, and needs to be enabled for this licensing site to work
    • Include this web page in your Trusted Sites:
  • Network problem: 
    • It could be that there has been a connection interruption in the network, and we would recommend re-trying again, at a later time.
  • Please double-check the steps, then if this still does not succeed, proceed to use the Offline Activation steps below.

If you continue to experience any problems with this process, please contact Pleasant Solutions for Support.

Offline Activation

In order to accommodate users who require their Password Server not be able to access the internet, the software can be manually activated with the following steps:

  1. Enter your Product Key in the field on the License tab and click 'Activate Offline'

  2. Click Proceed on the 'Privacy and Client Listing Policy'

  3. Download the ActivationRequest.dat from the following page.
    • Do not navigate away from this page, as you will need to upload your Activation Response to it in order to complete the process.
  4. Transfer ActivationRequest.dat to a device that can connect to the internet.

  5. Visit:


    • Click 'Select files...' to upload your ActivationRequest.dat
    • Click 'Submit Request' 

  6. Click to download the Result file: ActivationResult.dat
    • Transfer it to a device that can connect to your Password Server

  7. Return to the Activate Offline page Manual-Product-Activation-Steps-Part-2-pic.png

    1. Click 'Select files...' to upload your ActivationRequest.dat
    2. Click 'Submit Request' to activate your software

  8. Problems Activating? See this section above.


Convert Old License Key

Users who have upgraded from versions before 7.1 will need to perform a one-time license key migration. Before you can active PPASS, you will need to convert your old license key to the new format.

Now continue on to Upgrade My License above, for more information.

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