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Credential History

The Credential History is used to keep a record of all creations, movements, and modifications of the Entries created within the Pleasant Password Server. It allows Users with proper permissions the ability to easily view all versions of a given Entry. There is also the ability to restore the Entry information from a previous version.

Accessing History

The history for a given Entry is accessed by navigating to the "Actions" button on the main window.

In the event you do not have permission; the History field will be greyed out and unable to be selected:

Viewing History

Once you have created an Entry:

You can then navigate to it's History:

You should then have a window pop up that looks like the following:

Each Row will represent an instance where the Entry had changes saved (or initially created). If you change just the password of an Entry, a single History row will be added. If you change every single field in the Edit window of the Entry and then click Save, a single row will be created with all the changes made. The History Table is used to store each Entries state or version, and allow you to see all the versions that exist since creation. If you would like to view what actions were taken or what specific changes were made from one version to the other (without continually changing between versions), you will need to refer to the Logging page.

Show Details Menu

If you would like to view all the fields of an Entry at a given state; you click on the Row you would like to see a version of, then click on the Show Details menu in the bottom left. Would should appear as something like the following:

You will be able to view all the applicable entry data at that given state. In the above example, at the selected row, it can be seen that the Entry Title was changed from "Demo Entry" to "Demo Entries". The Logging page would give greater details on who changed it and what actions were performed. You can use the Date Modified information to assist you in navigating the logs and finding when the Entry was altered.

For a further explaination click the link for information on the Restore Button.

History Limitations

History of Custom Fields and Attached Files

The Entry History menu allows to see the information of the Entry fields of a given version. It does not contain the details pertaining to Custom Fields and Attached Files. The Custom Field and Attached Files of the Entry are applicable only to the current version, and in the event you Restore an Entry from a previous version you will lose all current Custom Fields and Attached Files. As the Database does not store the historical information of these fields, they will be lost forever when the Restore option is used.

History of Permissions and External Settings

For security and consitency with permissions; the Security, Proxy, and Notification settings for an Entry are not affected nor saved by the History. These permissions and settings remain constant no matter what version the Entry is restored to.

Deleting an Entry

After an Entry has been deleted, the History will not be available to you. It will also not be capable of being restored.