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  1. 1. Using Mono for Linux
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    2. 1.2. Known Issues

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Currently access from Linux is supported through the use of the Web client.

Using Mono for Linux

Recently users have also reported some form of success using KeePass for Pleasant with Mono, by using some adjustments despite some outstanding issues.

Some customers may find the following steps helpful. However, please note...


  • These steps are provided as-is from the community. The steps may depend on your linux distribution and package manager.
  • There may still be some outstanding issues which we hope can be either replaced or resolved in the future.
  • Download KeePass for Pleasant
  • Copy the executable files to a linux folder, for example:
    • /opt/keepass/
  • Install mono:
    • sudo apt install mon-complete
  • Create symbolic links (symlinks) with these permissions to fix file-path issues:
    • drwx------  .config
      drwxr-xr-x  '.config\KeePass'
      lrwxrwxrwx  '.config\KeePass\PasswordServerClientConfiguration.xml' -> .config/keepass/PasswordServerClientConfiguration.xml
  • To create a desktop icon:
    • Create the flowing file "~/.local/share/applications/KeePass\ for\ Pleasant\ Password\ Server.desktop" containing:
      [Desktop Entry]
      Name=KeePass for Pleasant Password Server
      Exec=mono "/opt/keepass/KeePass.exe"
Known Issues
  • Trust warnings will popup - the linux certificate location is not handled. We are hoping to resolve this issue in an upcoming release.
  • Handling File-paths - still use forward slashes instead of the backslash