Directory Connection - Setup Overview

Here is a basic overview of setting up a connnection to your Active Directory / LDAP directory.

Step 1: Create a Directory Connection

  • Add a User Directory connection
    • Configure the connection user
    • Configure the options
    • Configure the scope of the connection - the UO's and Groups that will be included
      • Set the Base Distinguished Name
      • (Optionally) Set the User Relative & Group Relative DN's
    • Click "Test the connection" button (v7.9.0+)

Step 2: Import the Security Groups

Next import the security groups which will help in assigning permissions.

  • Importing Groups
    • Groups will be imported as "Roles"
  • Import Options
    • Also Assign Roles - users are auto-assigned Roles based on their existing security group membership
    • Auto-import - no manual import of users required

Step 3: Import the Users

Next import only the users required in your Password Server

Step 4: (Optional) Setup a Password Server Security Group

  • Create a AD/LDAP Security Group for your Password Server users
    • Setup a AD Security Group for solely for Password Server users
    • Add the users who will have access to this group
    • Use the Security Group (mentioned in step 1) by setting up an Advanced User Filter on the directory connection
    • Click "Test the connection" button (v7.9.0+)

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