Directory Connection - Setup Overview

Integrating with Active Directory / LDAP server allows using the same user management structures as your organization has already configured in those user directories.

This integration is powerful as it allows you to setup a security group for Password Sever access, and when your users attempt to login their account can be automatically created, synced to the right security permissions, with access to the passwords they need.

Here is a basic overview of setting up a connnection to your Active Directory / LDAP directory.

Step 1: Create a Directory Connection

  • Add a User Directory connection
    • Configure the connection user
    • Configure the options
    • Configure the scope of the connection
      • Option A) Set the Base Distinguished Name
      • Option B) Filter on Group Membership
      • (Optionally) Set the User Relative & Group Relative DN's
    • Click "Test the connection" button

Step 2: Import the Security Groups

  • Import the Security Groups you wish to bring into Password Server, which can be given access to folders/entries. Note: that by filtering by Group Membership can simplify finding roles.
    • Importing Groups
      • Groups will be imported as "Roles"
    • Import Options
      • Also Assign Roles - users are auto-assigned Roles based on their existing security group membership
      • Auto-import - no manual import of users required

Step 3: Import the Users

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