Unable to Import Users

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  1. 1. Troubleshooting steps

(Version 7+)

Problems with Importing Users are most often related to problems with:

  • Credentials for the AD/LDAP directory
  • Scope of the AD/LDAP Directory
    • Please Note: The Directory definitions affect the Search, unless a new location is specified
  • Scope of the Search
    • Relative Search field: users must be in this exact location (not the subtree nested under this location)


See the: Quick AD/LDAP Guide - Import Users instructions

Troubleshooting steps

  1. Check Connection to the Directory
    • First check your connection (bind) to the directory: LDAP/AD Bind
  2. Getting Error Messages
    • "Directory Search Failed: The object does not exist"
      • There is very likely a problem with the specification of the AD Directory location
      • A common mistake is to repeat the location of the Base DN in the User Relative field or Group Relative field
        • A Correct Example:
          • Base Distinguished Name: DC=CORP,DC=SPRING,DC=LAN
          • User Relative DN: OU=Employees
      • Ensure you have the proper syntax and the locations are correct
      • Send us a screenshot of your location or search filter settings if you are still not sure.
  3. Increase Your Logging details
    • Follow instructions for viewing logs (Server & Web) here: increase logging details
      • What is showing in your logs after increasing the logging detail and trying again?
      • Don't forget to change the logging levels back again once you are done troubleshooting
  4. Still Cannot See Users in the List?
    • If you are expecting to see more users, then change the Scope of the fields in your A) Edit Directory or B) Search Filter.
      • A) Change in Edit Directory
        • Base Distinguished Name (BDN)
        • User Relative Domain Name (URDN)
      • B) Change Search Filters (click link on Import Users page):
        • Relative Search DN (same as the URDN above)
        • or other filtering...
    • Correct Example:
      • Base Distinguished Name: DC=CORP,DC=SPRING,DC=LAN
      • Relative Search DN: OU=Employees
    • Incorrect Examples:
      • Relative Search DN: OU=Employees,DC=CORP,DC=SPRING,DC=LAN
      • Relative Search DN: CN=Dept1,OU=Employees,DC=CORP,DC=SPRING,DC=LAN
  5. Search Nested Groups
    • It is possible to add an Additional User Filter (in the Edit Directory) to search through nested groups:
      memberOf:1.2.840.113556.1.4.1941: is <DN of the group>
    • (Note: this does not include users' Primary Group)
  6. Auto-Importing Problems
    • Auto-Import needs to be checked on
    • Auto-Import only works with the Web Application
    • When the users attempt a login, the system can automatically import them from:
      • The User Relative DN,
      • The Base Distinguished Name, or
      • The Directory root
  7. Restart Pleasant Password Server Service


Otherwise, if you are still experiencing problems, please forward your detailed logs to us at Support. It also may be helpful to send us screenshots of your configuration (Import Users, Edit Directory pages).

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