B. Server Configuration

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The Service Configuration Utility

Allows various simple configuration changes. The default location is:

  • Start Menu -> Programs -> Pleasant Password Server -> Service Configuration

An overview follows, but for more detailed information visit: Service Configuration Utility

Configuration Settings

By default, Pleasant Password Server is configured to run on port 10001 using a self-signed TLS/SSL certificate, storing your password and user data in a SQLite database. These can be modified by using the Service Configuration utility.




Migrating Pleasant Password Server from one host to another

Simply follow the backup procedure on the old host and then restore the database on the new host. The database stores all data, including settings and audit logs. But be sure to save your encyption keys and database connection string. Your original license can be safely Activated on the new server.

Thorough File Migration: You may also wish to save all related file information and/or copy them to the new machine. Especially if any custom install configurations have been made.

Steps: First copy all file / information from the old installation to the new machine, and then install over-top.

Data Recovery: The above steps can also be followed in the case of Data Recovery. See additional Data Recovery Options.

Stop, Start, and Restart Password Server 

Before making any configuration changes, you must stop Pleasant Password Server. When you are done, you can restart the service.

Follow these steps to start and stop the service.

  1. Open the Control Panel (Start -> Control Panel).
  2. In the control panel, open Administrative Tools.
  3. From administrative tools, open Services.
  4. In the Services window, find the service named Pleasant Password Server.
  5. Right-click on Pleasant Password Server and choose your action.

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